Did you know that the chemical formaldehyde is used in many items that we have in our home? With this in mind, we are going to talk about what some of those items are and whether formaldehyde poses any kind of health risk to you and your family.

Because formaldehyde is not detectable visibly, you will not automatically know what household items contain it. However, it does give off a rather pungent odor, so this may give you an idea. Formaldehyde is frequently used to treat textiles. This means that there is a possibility that your sofa, cushions, curtains, and other soft furnishings may contain it. Some kinds of glue and fuel-burning appliances may also contain formaldehyde, not to mention certain building materials such as pressed lumber like plywood and particleboard. While this is only a brief list of items, it’s clear to see the likelihood that formaldehyde is present in some form in your home.

Should you worry? Although it remains unclear how much exposure to formaldehyde you would need for it to become dangerous, the fact remains that it is a known carcinogen and can cause problems to the upper throat. You could also experience symptoms such as fatigue and respiratory issues. Of course, if you have these symptoms, it does not necessarily mean that formaldehyde is the cause. You should always receive an accurate diagnosis from a health care professional.

If you are worried about the dangers of formaldehyde, it is possible to find products that are formaldehyde-free. You will simply need to do a little more research before purchasing an item for your home.

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