Warranty home inspections are performed by home inspectors toward the end of your first year in a newly constructed home. The home inspection will be performed to verify that proper building techniques were used and that the various systems and components of the home were properly installed and continue to function properly.

Buyers of New Home Construction have three reasons they repeat over and over as to why they don’t get a Home Inspection and the truth of the matter is they are mistaken. Here’s what they say:

I trust my builder.

The people who actually build your new home are the sub-contractors that the builder hires to do the work. And speaking candidly, the knowledge and quality of the sub-contractors varies greatly.

The house is new, what could be wrong?

Let’s be honest, you have probably noticed some things in the house that did not work quite right, possibly you have even had to have the builder come out and fix a few things. So we know the house is not perfect. If you decide to sell your new home sometime in the future, the buyer’s home inspector may find things that were done improperly by the sub-contractors and now the buyer wants you to make the repairs.

The City Building Inspector inspected the home.

Municipal Building Inspectors are hard-working people who sometimes have five, ten, fifteen or fifty houses that they are monitoring all at the same time. As a result, these inspections have often degraded from quality code inspections to brief walk-through checks.

In new homes that we’ve inspected, we have found:

  • improperly wired outlets
  • GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) protection devices that do not trip or reset
  • missing attic Insulation
  • missing attic ventilation
  • leaks around chimneys
  • settlement cracks
  • damaged and missing roof shingles
  • water leaking from air conditioner systems
  • one of two water heaters not functioning
  • plumbing drain lines that were not properly connected creating a leak and water damage

→ We work for you! and provide an independent evaluation of the property to help protect your interests. Our inspection will evaluate your home from the foundation to the roof including all areas in between and produce a home inspection report that you can give to your builder so that he can pay for his own mistakes and you won’t get stuck holding the bag for future repairs.

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