Home Inspection

A very popular siding choice these days is vinyl siding.  If you are looking at exterior cladding for your home, perhaps you have concerns about whether vinyl is a good option for you.  Let’s look at a few factors with regards to vinyl siding:
As with most things, vinyl siding should be installed properly by someone who knows what they are doing.  If this is done correctly, then there are many benefits to using this kind of cladding, for example, it is very hard wearing, not prone to rusting or fading and does not dent very easily. 
Consider the environment you live in when deciding on vinyl siding, for example, as is the case with other types of siding, it could be affected by extremes of weather.  Too hot and it could warp and become distorted, on the other hand, if the weather gets extremely cold, the siding could become brittle and much easier to crack.
Other things to think about are that vinyl siding is not designed to provide added insulation so if your looking to increase energy efficiency with this, you might be disappointed.  Also, in case a fire breaks out either in your home or close by, extreme heat could cause toxins to be released from the vinyl.
While this has been a very brief overview of the pros and cons of vinyl siding, we hope it has made your decision to use it a little easier.

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