Pool Inspections

Summertime is a great opportunity to relax and sit by the pool. Children happily spend hours swimming and playing. But, with a great backyard pool comes a lot of responsibility, especially as a homeowner with small children.

Many young children die from drowning each year, those under age 5 are at particular risk. A child can drown so fast that if can happen before anyone realizes the child is even missing. This is not just the case with in-ground pools but with all bodies of water such as above ground pools, hot tubs and spas. So, how can you ensure that your backyard swimming pool remains a place of fun and relaxation and not one of tragedy?

It is very important that pool safety barriers are installed on the property. This could take the form of a fence or wall. A small child will squeeze through very tight spaces, so the pool barrier must meet the specific regulations laid out for pool barriers. For example, the barrier must be of such a height that a child could not climb over it, it must also have the correct amount of spacing so that a child cannot get through it and it must be impossible for a child to get underneath. Even an above ground pool must have some security measures in place that prohibit access to the ladder or steps when the pool is unattended.

If the pool barrier takes the form of the walls of a house, any doors that lead directly to the pool should have an alarm that will go off when the door is opened. The sound should be loud enough that it can be heard in all parts of the home and should have a different sound that distinguishes it from other sounds in the house.

By following proper pool barrier guidelines, you will be doing much to ensure some safe and relaxing pool time.

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