Many people have plans to go on vacation during the summer for some well-deserved relaxation, while this is something to look forward to, perhaps you’re wondering if your home and its contents will be safe and secure when you’re away.  There are many high-tech ways to stop intruders these days but why don’t we look at some not so high-tech places to hide some of your smaller precious possessions.

A burglar wants to be as quick as possible to avoid detection, so they are not looking to spend a lot of time searching through your home.  They will go for obvious or easy hiding places.   Perhaps you have some good places in mind yourself, but here is a list of a few good spots.

  • The garage is a place where many homeowners store things they hardly or never use.  A burglar will not want to search through storage boxes looking for small valuables, especially if those boxes are labelled with things like “used decorating supplies” or “old holiday decorations”.
  • One or two hollowed out books in a bookshelf full of them is another good place to hide things.  Again, an intruder won’t want to spend time looking through a large collection of books just in case one is hollowed out.
  • What about underneath the garbage bag of your kitchen or bathroom trashcan? Think about it, who would want to rifle through your trash looking for valuables?  You could also try keeping them underneath a plant in a plant pot, just make sure all of these are in protective covers.
  • While the obvious kind of safe is a wall safe, these are not that difficult for burglars to cut around and take.  A better option is a floor safe which is much harder to remove.

These suggestions might seem a little simple, but they could end up keeping your smaller, precious items safe while you are away.  This being said, its always wise to have your homes contents insured for any unfortunate event.

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