Taking steps to be environmentally conscious is always a good thing to do. Recycling is a simple way to begin. What about recycling our water? What do we mean by this?

Well, when we do everyday things like wash dishes, do laundry or bathe, we are using a lot of water. Many people reuse this wastewater for other things such as flushing a toilet or irrigation. The term used for this kind of water is “Greywater”. Greywater must not be confused with blackwater which would be very dangerous to reuse in an untreated state, due to its high content of fecal matter and other high levels of contaminants. It should also be noted that greywater is not potable either.

Greywater falls into a couple of different categories: untreated, this must be used immediately and should not be stored, then there is treated, which can be kept for a longer period.

There are differing opinions on the use of greywater. For example, those that are for the use of greywater see it as an important way to conserve water because it can be used as a non-drinkable water source. Those that are against the use of greywater see it as a possible breeding ground for bacteria that could contribute to the spread of disease.

As we can see, there is a lot to consider when it comes to reusing our wastewater. Each household must decide if it would be right for them. If you are considering greywater usage, make sure you get to know all you can about it so as to do it in the correct and safe way.

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