Pests in the home can certainly make life at home uncomfortable. A termite infestation can cost homeowners billions of dollars a year. These pests can eat away at your most prized and valued possession.  

Also, bedbugs have become an increasingly pesty situation for many homeowners. In just a few weeks this horrible pest can render your home uninhabitable. Making it a very costly task to replace prized possessions and get rid of the problem. 

However, an invasion of home pests is preventable.  So, it’s very important to address any pest issues before they get out of hand. If you want to ward off any pesty residents in your home it’s important to do the following.

  • Eliminate pest entrances by doing small exterior fixes especially near the foundation of the home. The small investment of time and money will yield rich dividends and prevent costly repairs.
  • Think twice about secondhand stuff. Furniture, mattresses, and clothing can be a hotbed for bedbugs. Give it a thorough inspection before bringing anything into the home
  • Have a trained professional do a free or low-cost home inspection for termites

Taking time to two focus on pest control is a very essential part of home maintenance. So start looking today at ways to reduce the threat of pests.

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