One of the biggest concerns for homeowners is moisture. When water gets into the home it can cause several issues. Residential yard grading is one of the best ways to prevent your home from having issues with moisture. Yard grading? What is it and what are the benefits? Yard grading is leveling or changing the slope of your yard. Grading your yard can involve different techniques from building retaining walls, to terracing and moving major earth.

There are several benefits to grading your yard.

  • Grading your lawn can enhance the health of your landscape and ensure the safety of your home especially if your landscape has water and drainage issues. When it comes to fixing a landscape drainage problem, lawn grading is often a great solution that will ensure that the soil and area surrounding your home, receives the proper amount of water, no more and no less.
  • A well-graded garden allows for good lawn and plant drainage. Yards are healthy and weeds don’t flourish.
  • Benefits of proper landscape grading, sloping, and excavation include growing healthy grass and plants, a decreased risk of too much water runoff, as well as gardens and lawns that require less maintenance.
  • The foundation of your house is also protected. Your yard must be graded properly to direct flooding and rainwater away from the home.
  • Your plants, flowers, and tasty vegetables will all be much healthier and thrive in a properly graded yard.
  • Dry basements are every homeowner’s goal. Improper grading can ravish your home’s foundation. Cracks, flooding, musty smells, and ongoing issues with mold and mildew are often the direct result of grading issues.

Check the quality of your home grading today. If necessary quickly consider grading the yard for all of the excellent benefits that will result. 

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