Spring Lawn care can ensure your lawn stays green year-round. When done properly, spring lawn clean-up can give your yard the boost it needs to thrive throughout the entire warm weather season.

The main benefit of investing some time into spring lawn care is that it sets your yard up for a healthy growing season and gets it clean and ready for the new season. Taking care of your lawn in the spring can help prevent weed growth and encourages your grassroots to grow deep and strong — which results in a lawn that stays healthy and beautiful even when the weather is hot and dry.

Simply put, if you take the time to give your lawn a little extra love with a routine spring clean-up. Your yard and lawn will reap the benefits for months to come. 

Spring yard work is all about timing and knowing the best yard cleanup tools and tips. Here are a few tips for early spring lawn care that will set your yard up for success as the weather continues to warm up.

You might be tempted to start fertilizing the lawn the moment spring arrives, but if you fertilize a dormant lawn it can come back to bite you. Fertilize your lawn when it starts to show signs of life — such as new growth and turning green — so you avoid feeding seeds of weeds that will compete for space in your soil. 

Use these Spring Lawn care tips to keep your lawn maintained.

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