When handling pesticides keep in mind that they are poisons and poles risk at least to some degree. Most products formulated for use in and around the home are in very low concentrations. Many calm ready to use because they are already diluted. Most of the same active ingredient is found in home and garden products are available in more concentrated formulations and sold under different brand names for our cultural and industrial uses.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Read the product label and be prepared to use the product in a responsible way. When children pets or wildlife could be present take special precautions:

  • Remove or cover pet food and water dishes when applying chemicals.
  • Cover children’s toys when applying chemicals.
  • Store all pesticides out of reach of children and in their original containers. 

Apply the correct amount. Be guided by the directions on the label. 

  • Excessive use increases the potential for environmental harm.
  • Over application increases the chances that pesticides will damage desirable plants and beneficial organisms and lead to the build-up of resistance and target pests.

Fortunately, manufacturers make it easy to use pesticides responsibly. Many pesticide products for homeowners now come ready to use with no additional mixing required for formulations.

Using pesticides can be done so responsibly if you follow the suggestions.

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