Entering the attic can be dangerous. Insulation materials can irritate your lungs and eyes. Be careful not to fall through the ceiling, damage finishes, or even get an electric shock. Attics are also very hot in the summer and cold in the winter. It’s important to wear your PPE before you enter the attic.

There are a few things to keep in mind when entering an attic:

  • Attic access – It’s important to have good access to any attic. As a general rule if the attic is larger than 100 ft.² and has at least 24 inches of headroom an access hatch should be provided.
  • Stairwells to attics – Some homes will have a full staircase leading to attic‘s and there’s usually a door at the bottom. The stairwell walls and underside of the staircase should be well insulated. The door should be weatherstrip. There should be electric lighting for the stairwell.
  • Pull-down stairs – Pull-down stairs can be dangerous. Be careful when pulling the stairs down. They may come down very quickly if mechanical components are broken or loose. Be careful when climbing the stairs. Treads or stringers may be loose or broken. The pull-down stairs allow considerable heat loss and air leakage into attics. An insulated weatherstrip, the box can be placed over the stairs to help reduce heat loss and air leakage.
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