Adding plants to your home not only beautifies your space but boosts your mood. Anything that is growing gives you a sense of optimism. The first step to pepper plant parenting is being mindful of your plant’s needs. Regardless of type, almost all indoor plants need three basic things to survive: sunlight, water, and space to grow. 

And it turns out that there are a lot of benefits to having plants here are some examples:

  1. Purifying air and improving health. Having plants in your home or bedroom is a great way to purify the air you’re breathing in. Plants have also been trying to improve help to those around them. By the plant’s ability to humidify the air and decrease deaths they can help fight the virus that causes colds and coughs.
  2. Having plants in your bedroom can actually sharpen your focus. Studying in a room with plants helped students increase attentiveness by 70%.
  3. Snake plants are actually known as very indestructible. They’re so adaptable they can easily survive in almost any type of light brightness.
  4. Air plants are starting to become very popular because of this thetic they add to any room and they don’t need any soil. They do have small roots which attach themselves to trees but as a house plant, they can be placed anywhere direct right light.
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