How safe are the exterior doors of your home? Perhaps you have spent a lot of time researching a good home security system, but might you have overlooked some of the more obvious threats to your home’s safety? Here are some key elements of a safe exterior door:

Its construction. An exterior door needs to be sturdy so make sure it is built with durable materials and has a solid wood or steel core.

The lock. Naturally, the door lock plays a key (pardon the pun) role when it comes to security. You will want a high-quality deadbolt lock. Also, if the lock is a pin-tumbler lock, it may be a good idea to install a bump-resistant lock.

Maintenance. If an exterior door or its frame falls into disrepair, it will make it much easier for someone to break in. The door should be periodically checked for rot, cracking, or warping which would indicate a need for maintenance.

Pet doors. A pet door can be an intruder’s best friend as it can allow them to gain easy access into the home so make sure this cannot happen.

Glass paneling. It is popular now to increase the home’s natural light with a glass-paneled front door, however, this may make it easier to break into so do your research if you decide on a glass-paneled door and make sure it is a secure one.

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