We want our homes to be as secure and safe of an environment as possible. But unfortunately, many accidents and injuries take place within the home. The risk is increased even more in a household with young children or elderly ones. Let’s address one cause of many household accidents: tip-over hazards.

To prevent it from becoming a tip-over risk furniture should be securely fastened to the wall or have a sturdy, wide base, this is something you will want to have in mind before you purchase a piece of furniture.

When you purchase a piece of flatpack or self-assembly furniture, it will usually come with a bracket or strap designed to attach it to the wall. These are intended to prevent tip-over accidents, so make sure you use them and carefully follow all the assembly instructions.

There are many more items in a home that can become a tip-over hazard, so it is a good idea to take a few minutes to go through your home and assess any potential tip-over dangers.

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