If you have a pest problem in your home, you may decide to opt for a plug-in pest control method. While this is a safe option, the question you may want to ask is does it work?

How do plug-in pest control methods work? When plugged into an electrical outlet the pest control device emits a high-frequency sound, not audible to humans but rather unpleasant to small creatures. The idea is that the sound prevents them from entering the home. One good thing, though, is that an ultrasonic plug-in should not affect larger animals, so your pets should be fine.

Are they effective? What do studies suggest? Studies designed to test the effectiveness of plug-in pest control devices have shown that they do not work on every type of pest. For example, ants, cockroaches, and spiders did not appear to be affected by them. There was also an indication that, over time, some creatures became used to the sound and were not deterred by it. The area of coverage provided by ultrasonic pest control can also be an issue, as the sound does not travel through things, which means that plug-ins would be less effective if a room is full of furniture.

Should I bother trying them out? Many consumers find this type of pest control effective, so you may want to try it for yourself. As with any product, though, it’s always good to read the customer reviews so that you can make an informed choice on the type of plug-in to go for.

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