A house renovation project can be extremely rewarding, especially when done well. However, you need to know the kinds of issues that you will no doubt encounter with a project like this. One of those problems is asbestos.

As most of us are probably aware asbestos was commonly used years ago in various construction materials. It was good for adding strength, delivering fire resistance, and providing heat insulation. Of course, this was all before anything was known about the dangers of asbestos.

Why is asbestos so bad? Asbestos is a mineral fiber; if its tiny fibers become airborne, they can easily be inhaled and stick to the lungs, which is where they stay for a long time. Prolonged asbestos exposure can produce serious health problems, Asbestosis and mesothelioma being a couple of them.

During your house renovation, if asbestos is present, it is likely you will disturb it during the demolition phase of the project. This will create a dangerous work environment as asbestos fibers will be released into the air.

What should you do? You should have a home inspector determine whether asbestos is present in the house before you begin doing any type of work on it. If there is asbestos in the home, you will need to have it taken care of by a professional company. This is something that you should factor into your renovation budget.

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